What's this NO CHARGE EXTENDED WARRANTY all about?

The Built Better, Backed Better Mitsubishi Warranty......well, it just got Even Better


What is this? The best warranty on the planet - is even better now? It's true! Only in March can we offer this unprecedented NO CHARGE warranty extension. So how does it work? Allow me to take a moment to explain.


You see, the best warranty in the world is THIS:

  • 10 Years/160km Powertrain
  • 5 Years Roadside Assistance
  • 5 Years/100km Bumper to Bumper

BUT! In March you get THIS:

  • 10 Years/160km Powertrain
  • 10 Years Roadside Assistance
  • 5 Years/100km Platinum Bumper to Bumper - and when THAT runs out....
  • 5 Years/60km Gold Bumper to Bumper


In a nutshell you receive 10 YEARS worth of Powertrain/Roadside/Bumper to Bumper Coverage! Incredible! Text 506-663-8346, call 634-1765, email info@itsthemits.com, or better yet - pop in to see our awesome sauce auto experts! Why not take a test drive with one of our amazing auto experts? Freddie will make you a cup of coffee/tea/hot chocolate, and it will take a mere ten minutes? Our warranty isn't the only thing we are the best at.


We've won some pretty amazing awards:


  • BEST ON GAS in the Country (Mitsubishi Mirage)
  • BEST ON GAS SUV (Mitsubishi RVR)
  • SAFEST SUV on the Road (Mitsubishi Outlander)
  • .......and this only names a few!

We are so certain that you can find a Mits that fits, Freddie will attempt a cart-wheel if you don't! A ten minute test drive CAN equal a 10 YEAR BUMPER TO BUMPER warranty!  Swing in and see our adorable team!